Comedy Talk Shows in Pakistan

Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal - Comedy Talk Show

Mazaaq Raat - Comedy Talk Show

Hasb-e-Haal - Comedy Talk Show

There is no one who could deny the fact that comedy show is one of the main and foremost part of our daily life or if isn’t yet then it should be. We all need some fun in our daily life because it is important for all of us. In this article we will let you know about Pakistani Comedy Talk Shows so just read this information till the end.

We all need some fun and entertainment in one way or another. It cannot be denied that comedy show is one of the main and foremost sources of amusement for most of us. Obviously the definition of fun varies from person to person. Some of us like to read books, some like to watch movies, some of us are into traveling, and some like to watch comedy shows. All these interests are ok because we think in a certain way and everyone has his or her own choice and preference when it comes to liking or disliking something. 

Importance of Pakistani Comedy Talk Shows

In Pakistan, people of all ages like to watch Pakistani comedy shows, as these are really popular. Many TV channels broadcast these shows for the sake of our entertainment. We can watch these shows 3-to 4 days a week at night. These shows have different segments and the host invites different guests and asks them about different questions and takes their participation about different things. Apart from that, there are some famous comedians in these shows where they make people laugh about current political situations, societal matters and a lot more, so without any doubt we can say that people watch these shows because they make people feel good for some time and they forget about their daily life concerns.

Effects of Pakistani Comedy Talk Shows


  • There are a lot of positive effects of comedy talk shows on people’s mental health. One of the main and foremost effects of watching these shows is that a person feels good if he or she has constant negative thoughts or is in depression. 


  • By watching comedy shows you feel relaxed and contended. They are one of the major distractions for all of us.
  • They are one of the major sources of entertainment for all of us. Whenever we feel low and watch these shows they distract our minds. We feel good and forget about all those thoughts that are stressing us out. 
  • Comedy shows are watched as a pastime. People watch it because they need to spend their time doing something that couldn’t make them feel exhausted and emotionally fed up, so whenever they have some free time that they want to spend doing something light and healthy then nothing can be better than watching a good comedy show.

We cannot just overlook all the above points when it comes to the significance of comedy talk shows. In certain ways they make people feel good and develops a sense of happiness and peace, so we all should watch them for fun.

Watch latest Pakistani comedy talk shows daily. There are many news channels which brings many hurting, bad, sad, kind of news. So, keep watching our collections of comedy talk shows to smile all the day.

For now these are the top rated comedy talk shows:

  1. Khabaryar
  2. Mazaaq Raat
  3. Hasb-e-Haal
  4. Shows by Sajjad Jani