Mazaaq Raat

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The time when we talk about famous comedy shows then we cannot just ignore the name of this famous comedy TV show named mazaaq raat. Today we will let you know all about this show so just read this article till the end.

Mazaaq raat is a popular Pakistani comedy talk show that is being hosted by Vasay Chaudhry for quite some time now. The genre of this show is comedy and satire. Apart from the host Iftikhar Thakur, Akram Uddas, and Qaiser Pia are the comedians that are part of this show.

You can also see Hibba Waqar and Aoun Ali Khan in the show often. All these comedians make hilarious jokes about politicians and current societal issues. Urdu and Punjabi are the languages that are being used in this show. 

Why people like to Watch Mazaaq Raat?

Since the year 2013 this show has been broadcasted of Dunya News and people of all ages like to watch this show. It airs at night for a few days in a week. If you have watched this show for once then you would probably have noticed that the audience of this show consist of youngsters and most of them are women. I personally like this show because it has so much to learn and amuse at the same time. What else could one ask for?

This show is one of the best options we all have these days to go for in case we are up for fun, entertainment and information. In every episode Hibba Waqar tells people about some informative facts from all over the world that are really good for all of us to have some know how about the things that are happening all over the world. This fact makes it way too popular among people because by watching it people are able to be familiar with current affairs of national and international matters. 

Popularity of Mazaaq Raat

This comedy show is not only famous among our community but people from all around the world especially from India and USA likes to watch this show. Many Pakistanis that are living in foreign countries like to watch this show because of its nature and jokes that are way too good to miss.

Another reason why people like this show is that such comedy shows shed light on the issues that people are facing currently at the present era. We all know that Pakistan is facing a tough time in various departments like education, health, basic human rights, poverty, illiteracy and many other problems.

Politicians are not capable to solve these issues or they are ignorant enough to overlook them, so to cope with this situation and to make them feel like they have to do something for their country such shows are made so the authorities should take things seriously and feel their responsibility as a part of this society and at least try to make things better without ignoring their duties and prove themselves a responsible citizen.