Live With Dr. Shahid Masood49 Videos

Dr. Shahid Masood is an amazing talk show host. He is a well known Pakistani columnist and a political analyst. He has a medical degree from Jinnah Sindh Medical University. He also did his major in international relations and defense studies from the Fletcher School of Law and diplomacy.

Dr. Shahid was also a managing director and chairman of Pakistan Television Corporation. Dr. Shahid is a medical doctor who has worked with many news channels such as PTV, GEO News, ARY, and News ONE et cetera.

He is also very famous for hosting the talk show called Meray Mutabiq that was aired on Geo Tv. Nowadays, he is seen to be hosting the famous show Live With Dr. Shahid Masood that is currently being aired on the channel GNN. The show has given a very amazing response because of its engagement with the guests and the audience.

The daily episode of the talk show live with Dr. Shahid Masood also gets uploaded on YouTube every day. You can browse the episode by typing live with Dr Shahid Masood today youtube and you can watch it on youtube in case you miss it on the television. In this way you will not miss a single episode of the show.

His main strength on the show is that he can express his thoughts and insights so smoothly and peacefully without discouraging and being disrespectful to any of the guests invited on his talk show. This is one of the causes why his viewers are so keen and interested in his live talk shows.

He has many people appreciating him from all over the world. Who sit at home and watch him from outside of Pakistan only to listen to his point of view about the current events and what has politically happened to the country.

He is known to provide unbiased opinions and discuss political events without favoring any party. He knows the vital importance of what to talk on his show by only focusing on the hot topics of the day. He has the highest ratings on his show. The comeback of the show Live With Dr. Shahid Masood has gotten the attention of thousands of viewers. The audience is absolutely loving the comeback of Dr. Masood and is looking forward to more of his outstanding live performances on the show. Chiefly the genre of Dr Shahid Masood latest program today is current affairs, and the show is aired daily at 8:05 pm.