Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal

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Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal was a comedy infotainment show. It was introduced by Aftab Iqbal at App News Tv channel. Unfortunately, Aap news tv channel is closed now. Khabarzar comedy show was the sequel of Khabarnak, Khabardar, and it’s recently converted into Khabaryar at Neo news tv. Aap news and Neo news tv channels are the Pakistani news channels. Somehow, Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal talk show is closed when it’s a lockdown in Lahore because of Coronavirus.


The history of these shows by Aftab is so long. Some people still don’t know that Khabardar on express news, Khabarzar on aap news and Khabaryar on Neo news are closed now. Sometimes, the best of khabarzar and khabardar takes more TRP. Channels are just taking this comedy show’s best clips and making of its best-of series to get more views daily. Now, Aftab Iqbal is doing a new version of Khabaryar show which is called as “Khabaryar Digital”. Aftab Iqbal introduced the legendry comedian Amanullah Khan to television officially. He just combined some team members as it’s his own production. It’s only a Youtube channel for now. Nasir chinyoti, Agha Majid, and Rubi Anam is not the part of this Digital show. Also, Aftab Iqbal launched another Pakistani talk show which is named as “Open Mic Cafe”. It’s also having similar cast like Honey Albela, Saleem Albela, Babbu Rana, etc.

Segments of Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal Comedy Show

Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal comedy show was having different segments like Garam Hammam, Khan Brothers, Mosikar Gharana, Parody movies and New Movie Directors with an odd cast (Film, Kitab or Log), Farhang e asfiya / Zuban o bayan, Darbar e Akbari, Khawaja Sara, Comedy on current affairs news & Political issues, Police Station Thana Culture, Jali baba funny Jokes, Some time Honey comes in film star Mira character, etc…

Garam Hamam

In this segment it’s just like the common traditional barbershop. Barbershops are having the area to take shower and it’s called “Garam Hammam”. Some old age people just sit there to discuss current affair and politics. Mostly young guys in village, towns, and in backward areas went to Garam Hammam to take shower. In winter they have cold water at home, that’s why they go to garam hamam to take shower with hot water. Babu Rana usually remains inside of garam hamam in this segment. He asks for different un-necessary things to make people laugh. Honey Albela play the role of an Old man who usually has a newspaper in his hand. To discuss different topics like a scholar. Kosari means Rubi Anam just come to tell the vegetables higher rates. Amanullah sometime joined the segment to highjack everything. Agha majid usually play the role of barber. Azhar rangila and Ayub mirza were usually the customers of Agha Majid for their heir cut. Nasir chinyoti usually join this segment as Chaudhry.

Khaan Brothers

Aftab Iqbal focuses on the words as it should sound like khaa not khan. Both are singers and try to copy the style of the legendary ustad Mehndi Hassan. Initially, Honey Albela and Azhar Rangila start with little funny jokes about each other. They usually sing Ghazals and Folk songs.

Khabarzar is the best Pakistani Talk Show. Aftab Iqbal is the anchor of this show. But the comedians are really amazing like Saleem Albela, Agha Majid, Honey Albela, etc.