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Watch Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal at NEO News Channel. PKT TV shares it’s latest episodes. You would probably have seen many TV shows before but the one we are going to talk about today is one of the most popular one named Khabaryar previously called Khabarzar. It is known as an Urdu and Punjabi amusement television show that is telecasted on Aap News. Khabarzar starts at 11:00 pm and ends at 12:00 am. Among the audience there you can see people of all ages, including teenagers, adults, men and women. You can watch it 4 days in a week that starts from Thursday and ends at the end of the preceding week till Sunday.


When we talk about the history of this show then Khabaryar is the fourth show of related genre that was started by Aftab Iqbal. The former one was Hasb-e-Haal, which was started in January 2009. In the year 2010 on April, Aftab Iqbal quit on the show but the reasons remain undisclosed which led to Junaid Saleem hosting the show. After all that AftabIqbal began Khabarnaak, another show from the same genre on GEO TV in the year 2010 from which he separated ways in the year 2015.
He merged with famous channel Express News to start Khabardar which was telecasted until April 2018. Later that Aftab Iqbal proclaimed that he is going to start his own news channel on which his next show will air. Then in 2018, his TV Channel named Aap News, where he bears out the administrative tasks.

The show has been in already made since August and begun its shooting after Aap News was publicized. Khabarzar came up airing on Aap News from November 2018. He just introduced his new show named Khabaryar that is telecasted on Neo News. It belongs to the same genre that includes political satire and comedy.

Popularity of the Show

If you look back and see the graph of popularity of Aftab Iqbal’s shows then you can say it without any doubt that Pakistani community watch it at a larger scale. People of all ages whether they are kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults, older like to watch Khabaryar on a regular basis. You can ask anyone about Khabaryar and they would answer you positively by saying that this show is all one need when it comes to laughter and fun. We all need some break and enjoyment from our tough routine, and it depends on person to person how would we like to spend our time. Some like to watch movies and series, some like to read and some like to play video games.

The definition of enjoyment and fun varies from one another, exactly the way we all are different in our own perspectives. For those who are into comedy would prefer shows like Khabaryarbecause after their hectic day one must need to watch something that is pure fun and make you laugh your ass off. What can be better than a comedy show after your daily hectic routine of household chores, office, school or college?

We all need a good laugh in our daily life and you cannot deny this fact. Apart from that, it amuses you and you would like to spend a quality time watching it. Khabaryar doesn’t only make you laugh but also give you information about many different topics that are helping in our normal routine. You can learn about the right pronunciation of different words and their real context as well as their origin. There are some words that were pronounced and utilized differently when we used to be kids, but after watching Khabaryar one can realize how these words can be used and speak in the real context. Khabaryar seems to be a therapy that takes you away from all worries of your daily life and give you an hour of relaxation and enjoyment. In this one hour, while you are watching Khabaryar, you forget all about your worries and enjoy the show till the end.

A lot of comedians are also part of Khabaryar that makes it way too funny. Their jokes actually make you laugh and some of them even know how to sing. This is really multi-talented. You cannot just overlook the fact and deny the craftsmanship of all those comedians who are part of Khabaryar. I have watched it myself and I can vouch for it that Khabaryar is one of the best comedy shows that were being broadcasted on TV.

You cannot feel boredom while watching Khabaryar. Host Aftab Iqbal has a lot of knowledge and command over certain things that he was going to be discussed in the show.From start till the end you don’t lose interest and watch it with enjoyment. Except all the jokes, you can learn about different topics that include entertainment, current affairs, politics, general knowledge, history, sports and a lot more than you cannot possibly express into words. Khabaryar teaches you everything that you need to know about the current social and political situation of our country.


There are many segments that are part of Khabaryar, but the most popular ones are the following:

Current News:

This section in Khabaryar contains of parody and skits that are on a particular ridiculous piece of current news.

Songs from the past:

This one is my favorite part. Here a singer sings a song from the past that is mostly from 70 to 90 Bollywood and Lollywood. The voices of the singers are really soothing and everyone appreciates them.

Parody Films:

This part is a parody of old classical Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood movies, normally with the characters being altered in Khabaryar to be utilized as metaphors for present sociopolitical matters.

Musician’s House:

This one is really hilarious. This segment in Khabaryar moves around a traditional musicians’ family that pays honor to the famous Khan family of traditional music.It also shows the worse present condition of such musicians who are not considered that iconic and have lost touch from today’s trend, as new generation is not into classical music anymore.

Police Station:

As obvious from the name, the real essence of this segment in Khabaryar is a naïve police station. This part is just for the sake of the audience and to make them crackle for satirical purposes.