Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma is an amazing Punjabi comedian. He belongs to Punjab. His tag team partner was Dr. Gulati (Sunil Grover) but somehow they had clash. Kapil did many stand up comedy shows. Also, he was in the top bench of the comedian. He was sorry on the death of the legendary Amanullah Khan the king of comedy.

History of Kapil Sharma

He was just having his own show at the very early stage of his career. But things went wrong and his show went offline. After that, he tried to start the next comedy show but he was failed to get the audience support. This show was closed and Kapil Sharma went in trauma. He did not record any video for many months. Some people said he went to rehab centre too. He had done two movies. Kis kis ko payar karun and Firangi. Kapil advertised his movie Firangi in every show as it was produced by him by he lost money on it. It was a flop.

The Kapil Sharma Show Season Two

Kapil is back in this show with the help of Salman Khan’s production house. This time Kapil comes with more comedy strengths. He just comes on the stage and he alone can manage to make us laugh. Also, in this show, Bharti and Krishna added four stars in it. People from all over the world are the fan of this Punjabi guy. Her mom is so supportive and joins most of the Kapil shows. He is having many prayers. People from any age are his fans. His flirt with actresses is also cute. He knows the art to crack the jokes. His observation and quick responses are amazing. Also, Kapil can sing nicely. He got a nice voice and personally he loves singing. Many best wishes are with Kapil as he is doing a fabulous job to make others happy. It’s so hard to bring the smile on other people faces.