Hasb e Haal

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There are much famous comedy shows that you would probably have seen on TV and one of them is Hasb-e-Haal. This show is really entertaining and informative at the same time. In this article, we will let you know about this show so just read this piece of information till the very end.

Hasb-e-hall is one of the most popular Pakistani comedy shows that you can see on Dunya News. This is a really popular show and there are many people who watch it regularly. People of all ages whether they are young or old, like to watch this show because it is very fun and you actually enjoy the jokes in it. Junaid Saleem is the one who hosts this show along with Sohail Ahmed and other few guests every time. He is also the chief editor of the famous newspaper named Daily Insaf. From Thursday to Sunday you can watch this show on 11:05 pm.

This political comedy show sheds light on the current political issues and politicians in a hilarious way that you couldn’t help laughing. Those who aren’t into politics can learn many things through this show as it gives everyone the idea of understanding our current political setting in a humorous way. The original languages of this show are Urdu and Punjabi.

This comedy show is all about satire in our present affairs. Famous actor and comedian Sohail Ahmed plays the character of a person who is portrayed as a lower-middle-class man who is most of the time lectured by Junaid Saleem because of his comprehensive overviews and over-explanation of multifaceted administrative matters. Another part of this show is a girl Jia who always laughs along with the jokes and reads the viewer’s comments until the end of the show.

Segments of Hasb-e-Haal

Following are the segments of Hasb-e-Haal:

  • Saisi Film
  • Adabparay
  • Interview
  • Bait Baazi
  • Hasb e Mazzi
  • Hasb e Daak
  • Parodies
  • Khabron par Tabsara
  • Tasweeron aur videos par tabsara
  • Mukhbariyaan
  • Off-Beat Hasb-e-Haal
  • TuTu Main Main

Why did people like to Watch Hab-e-Hall?

There are people who like to watch this famous comedy shows because of various reasons. There are people who like to watch comedy but at the same time need something that can enhance their knowledge about political matters in a way that could make them crack on the jokes and they don’t feel boredom while watching them. As the show’s main theme is political satire then it gets way too interesting because the whole idea behind the show is in itself hilarious. People watch it because the show makes them feel good about many things and provides them information about their current political settings. 

Sohail Ahmed who makes most of the jokes in the show does parody and often dresses up like politicians, famous celebrities, cricketers and imitates them. I personally like this show a lot as all of this is done in form of imitation. Everything is so smooth that you cannot help but laugh along with all the jokes.