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Orya Maqbool Jan, who is the host of the famous program called Harf-e-Raaz Talk Show, is an anti-secular Pakistani reporter and former civil servant. He is additionally a user of YouTube, and his channel has more than 100,000 youtube followers. He is known for his different fear inspired notions, including the 9/11 conspiracy and many more. He shows up as of now as an analyst on Neo News show Harf e Raz latest today.

Orya Maqbool Jan recently filled in as a government worker, and after his retirement, He joined news coverage as another career choice. It is noted that this new choice has helped him very much because thousands of people appreciate his observational approach.

Harf e Raaz is a leading Neo News program, which is a one-hour banter on recent developments facilitated by Orya Maqbool Jan. Harferaz latest today takes a gander at the difficulties, issues, and concerns confronting Pakistan every day. The configuration incorporates a specialist who takes an interest in a dialogue.

He is known to give fair suppositions and examine political occasions without preferring any gathering. He knows the imperative significance of what to chat on his show by just concentrating on the hotly debated issues of the day. He has the most noteworthy evaluations on his show. His best quality on the show is that he can communicate his considerations and bits of knowledge so smoothly and calmly without disheartening and being discourteous to any of the visitors welcomed on his syndicated program. This is one of the causes of why his watchers are so sharp and intrigued by his live syndicated programs.

He has numerous individuals valuing him from everywhere throughout the world. Who sits at home and watches him from outside of Pakistan just to tune in to his perspective about the recent developments and what has politically happened to the nation.

Harf e Raaz talks about the significant accounts of the day with the host’s master investigation on the issue and frequently includes the perspectives on well-known writers, grapples, and political figures of Pakistan. Within 60 minutes, Harf e Raaz refreshes the watchers with everyday current undertakings and realities behind the concerning matters. Neo News directs Harf e Raz today with Anchor Orya Maqbool Jan from Monday to Thursday. The show also gets uploaded on youtube when searched Harf e Raz latest youtube. This is done to help viewers never miss a single episode of the TV show.