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Albela Tv runs by Saleem Albela and it’s his own comedy channel. Saleem Albela is one of the best Pakistani comedians. He was the part of khabarzar, khabarnak, khabardar, CIA with jan Rambo, and now he is working as a comedian in khabaryar which is also a comedy talk show.

Top 10 Interviews by Saleem Albela on Albela TV

In this channel on Albela TV he started taking interviews of his colleges which are all top-level comedians.

Interview with Amanullah

One of Albela Tv’s top-ranking show was with the Legendary comedian Amanullah Khan. He was one of the best stand-up comedians in the World. His expressions and observation was marvellous. Amanullah was not only famous in Pakistan but people love him from all over the world. May his soul remain in peace. We will always miss his presence in the comedy industry. He was the university of the comedy.

Interview with Zafri Khan

You can’t imagine the powers of Zafri Khan. He can make you laugh limitless and 24/7. Zafri Khan is an amazing comedian. He doesn’t only use his dialogues to make you laugh, but his actions speaker louder than his words. Slaeem Albela went to Zafri Khan’s private studio to shoot the interview video. Zafri had shooted countless jokes on Saleem. But he really admires the work of Albela TV. Also, Zafri told regarding the facts why his show Afra Zafri was closed.